Our story is a story of passion and enthusiasm.

It’s the story of a family - the Castagno family - that is passionately in love with its activity and its products, always searching to meet the demands of its customers.

It’s the story of a company that never stands still always exploring for new solutions and innovative approaches that would reinforce the value of the raw materials of quality and that of the strict and accurate working processes that we use.

It’s the story of a company that believes in innovation because it appreciates and cultivates the experience gained by the tradition that was born due to Pietro Castagno and his work in his own mill at the beginning of the 20th century.

This very mill that is still in operation today incorporated in an extraordinarily picturesque panorama of Val Sangone in Piemonte gave us an impetus to create our company the way we see it today, the way we’d like it to be tomorrow.

This is the story of the eagerness to enterprise that had its first important innovative upswing in the 70-s. Bruno Castagno assisted by his wife Maria Giustina focuses all his efforts on the production of organic products braving the trend of mass production and use of chemical products during working processes being firmly convinced that this procedure changes the properties and the taste of food and is bad for health and damaging to the nature.

And so the range of activities is getting wider: in addition to the milling kneading, extrusion, toasting and baking are taken up as well. The children of Bruno Castagno, Franca, Bruna and Pietro support his enterprising activity full of enthusiasm. All of them look into the future with the aim of giving the company a trademark of the growing innovation, efficiency, quality, disposability, sensibility and immediate answers on the requirements of the customers and of the market.

These values have not changed in the course of the century.
The most important aspects are always respect and protection of the natural balance and of the health of our customers and consumers.

That’s why we rank among the first Italian companies that produce organic food.

That’s why we’ve chosen reusable energy (a hydroelectric plant) to perform our production processes.

That’s why we’ve always resorted to production processes specifically adapted to respective products. Our aim has always been to maintain the large part of the properties of raw materials.

That’s why we’ve explored and created special products, unique and inimitable, where the well – being of our consumer always comes first.
That’s why we can guarantee organic products of quality to our customers explored and adapted to meet any everyday demand.

That’s why our name is not a name that forgets single stories but on the contrary casts and ties them creating a future based on the development and growth.

That’s why our story continues…

Design // Mood di Francesco Panico
Sviluppo // Paolo Faccini

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