What is Bio
Organic agriculture is a self - sustaining system that relies on the use of naturally occurring processes and products present in nature and is based on a drastic decrease of the use of external inputs excluding the use of synthetic fertilizers, synthetic pesticides and genetically modified organisms.

Organic farming is regulated legally by EU legislative regulations in force CEE 834/2007 and subsequent amendments and integrations.

The operators who produce and prepare organic food must be inspected by a certification body.

Our company is inspected and certified by Bioagricert S.r.l., a certification body authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Our complete production line – from the raw materials and production cycles to the finished products is subject to a strict inspection performed by this certification body that verifies that our operator and our products have continued to comply with the certification criteria of CEE 834/2007 and subsequent amendments and integrations.

Design // Mood di Francesco Panico
Sviluppo // Paolo Faccini

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