39 different pasta recipes and very special pasta shapes To everybody’s satisfaction
Our company is specialised also in the creation of recipes and in the manufacture of special products. Everything is Castagno exclusive creation. To satisfy every taste and every demand approximately 2/3 of our products are specialities. Over 39 different qualities (durum wheat pasta with basil, with garlic and parsley, with amaranth, with chickpeas and … wholegrain spelt speciality, wholegrain rye speciality, wholegrain Kamut® speciality with spirulina, wholegrain spelt and chickpeas speciality etc.) satisfying any possible taste, recipe and tradition requirement.
Castagno proposes also a line called “momenti Speciali” dedicated to the typical tastes of Sunday pasta: lasagne, nidi and matasse.

Design // Mood di Francesco Panico
Sviluppo // Paolo Faccini

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