5SNAMA;Corn snack;12 pz/pc;50 g;8013885080045 5SNARI;Rice and corn snack ;12 pz/pc;50 g;8013885080052 5SNAFA;Corn and spelt snack;12 pz/pc;50 g;8013885080069 5SNAKA;Corn and Kamut® snack;12 pz/pc;50 g;8013885080083 ;;;

- naturally low fat content

It’s a crunchy snack you can eat any tine during the day: with friends, watching TV, during parties, after sport, in your free time, at school.
Children like it very much.
It is manufactured only with selected quality raw materials using customized working processes targeted to obtain only quality product.
They are manufactured without adding oils, fats, spices, cheese. They are not fried.
Our whole snack line is manufactured using only 100% of organic ingredients.

Food preservation: keep in a fresh, dry, clean, odourless place, out of sun rays

Design // Mood di Francesco Panico
Sviluppo // Paolo Faccini

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