1SEGFUSFusilli500 g80138850515335/7 minutes
1SEGSEDSedani500 g80138850515195/7 minutes
1SEGSPASpaghetti 500 g80138850515575/7 minutes

- naturally rich of fibre

Known already at the Age of Bronze, this cereal comes from the near East. Around IV century it has been largely cultivated in the countries of Central North Europe for feeding aims.
We have decided to transform it with a unique method enabling us to manufacture a wholegrain 100% flour and then we have decided to make pasta with it using a slow drying process at low temperature. This enables us to keep most of the nutrition and organoleptic properties of the grain.

The result we propose is a food speciality of purely rye and water, organic, 100% wholegrain.

The values of the fibres contained in this food speciality are higher than the values usually given for a normal whole durum wheat pasta (INRAN data bank). This food speciality contains in average more than twice the fibres quantity contained in a normal whole durum wheat pasta.

Food preservation: keep in a fresh, dry, clean, odourless place, out of sun rays.

Design // Mood di Francesco Panico
Sviluppo // Paolo Faccini

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