1FARBFUSFusilli500 g80138850516185/7 minutes
1FARPBENPenne500 g80138850516495/7 minutes
1FARBCONConchiglie 500 g80138850516635/7 minutes
1FARBSPASpaghetti 500 g80138850516255/7 minutes

* purely Italian spelt

We manufacture this pasta using only “dicoccum” spelt, the hardest and most precious variety. Our spelt is organic and is 100% Italian origin. It comes from Tuscany and from Umbria, where our farmers cultivate it for us with so much passion, respecting and keeping that natural balance which makes a lot of good to mankind and that is so important for us. We mill it personally and we obtain a white spelt flour, than we make pasta out of it by using a slow drying process at low temperature.

The result is a food speciality manufactured only with spelt and water, with a very delicate taste that can be seasoned just with a drizzle of raw oil enhancing thus the almond taste or with any sauce to own liking.

Food preservation: keep in a fresh, dry, clean, odourless place, out of sun rays

Design // Mood di Francesco Panico
Sviluppo // Paolo Faccini

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